indalex at installation curtain wall
Design and installation of the architectural façade works using aluminium panel, extrusion, glass, stone

The unique design allows a perfect fit of the glass panels presenting a continuous glass façade, at the some time eliminating trapping of water and dirt

Innovation always rings in the minds of our engineers. In an innovative move, the project team designed the glass roof structure doing away with the horizontal clamping bar between glass panels.

  • Paint Plant
  • Anodize
  • Others
1 Unit Horizontal Paint Line Conventional Pretreatment facility (dipping) having Yellow, Green and Chrome free conversion coatings. Advanced Powder coating and Wet painting technology. Capacity up to 4.000 MT/annum
Unit Vertical Powder Coating Line pretreatment: Spray type Advanced Vertical Powder Coating technology. Capacity up to 12,000 MT/annum
  • Horizontal Anodizing line with Automated material transfer facility
  • Clear, Silver, Medium Bronze, Dark Bronze & Black Anodized and High   Performance Electro-deposition (ED) facility
  • Production Capacity up to 6,000 T/year
Turret Punch Machine
Elumatec Machining
Emmegi Machining
Quadra CNC Machining